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Mental Health Counseling

Today, we all seem to be going through something. OCES is here for you as you develop and learn new skills to improve your mental health! 

Individual Counseling

One-on-one session working with the Therapist setting goals, learning and developing healthy coping skills, and connecting with proper resources to maintain improved mental health. 

This service is perfect for persons transitioning through life needing support along the journey. 

Clients with previous diagnoses can also benefit from this service as an added benefit to maintaining their daily mental health. 

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Family Counseling

Newly married? Parent child conflict? Loss of a loved one? Family conflict? 

At some point in life, we all find ourselves in one of these categorizes. 

Together the families set goals as they confront the difficulties they are currently experiencing. 

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Small Group Counseling

Our focus in this approach is to build relationships with the help of the horse and social intelligence. With our ability to understand other's emotions and behavior we can steer our interactions in positive ways. This concept works for individuals, families, or groups. The various interactive games and activities with the horses allow all to gain insight and learn skills to help them reach their treatment goals!

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