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Equine Facilitated Social Intelligence Therapy

This unique and alternative form of therapy utilizes the horse as a co-facilitator during the sessions as the client works toward their treatment goals.

Equine Therapy 

Our focus with equine therapy is to build relationships with the help of the horse and social intelligence.


This concept works for individuals, families, or groups. The various activities allow clients to gain insight and learn skills to help them reach their therapeutic goals!


Here for our Community!

Throughout life we encounter several changes. Some of these changes can be manageable while others can seem beyond our control and knowledge.


OCES is here to aid our community as they overcross the difficulties of life while learning and developing healthy coping skills.

At OCES we believe our community needs an innovative approach of mental health counseling to confront the transitions of life. We believe by offering Equine Therapy we can lend out community the support they desire for improved mental health.

It is with great privilege we provide this service to our community!

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