About Equine Therapy

 In an effort to support client breakthroughs, Overcross Counseling and Equine Services LLC provide clients the opportunity to develop skills that will help them through their difficult times. We specialize in Equine Therapy where we use our horse as a co-facilitator during the sessions to increase the client’s skill-building.

The Equine Therapy Program

 Our focus in this approach is to build relationships with the help of the horse and social intelligence. With our ability to understand other's emotions and behavior we can steer our interactions in positive ways. This concept works for individuals, families, or groups. The varies activities allow all to gain insight and learn skills to help them reach their therapeutic goals!



The great city of Tulsa has a tremendous need for mental health and mental illness care. This calling has provoked many to take action and supply Tulsa citizens with well equipped and trained professionals. Various counseling agencies have opened and are providing a number of different approaches and techniques as their clients work toward their therapeutic goals.

OVERCROSS COUNSELING AND EQUINE SERVICES was established to specialize in Equine Facilitated Social Intelligence.

We provide an approach that involves the horse as a co-facilitator.

We look forward to serving the individuals who would benefit from this approach and look forward to partnering and servicing the community with other agencies in the Tulsa area!!