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Interruptions Just Aren’t What We Make of Them

“I don’t like conflict!!!”

“Why do this keep happening to me?”

“I feel like I’ve been down this road before!”

“I can’t believe I let him in again!”

“Every time I turn around it seems like I have to put out fires!”

“Why did I do that, again?!?!”

It is so easy to feel like the conflicts and interruptions that happen in our life are disrupting the perfect screenplay of our life. We blame these conflicts and interruptions on everything external of ourselves.

We feel attacked and betrayed when we have to encounter conflicts and interruptions. They can make us feel shame, guilt, less than, and isolated. We struggle to see how anyone else on earth could possibly be experiencing these things.

But I challenge you to perceive these unwanted experiences from a different standpoint.

Track with…

After going through a difficult relationship, I learned SEVERAL nonnegotiable behaviors and patterns that I would NOT tolerate in any future relationships I had. I learned key concepts about relationships and was able to get real life experience with them. I learned characteristics about myself, both good and bad, that would have a direct impact on the relationship. The relationship came to an end, and I walked away with so much knowledge that I was able to implement into future relationships.

The interruptions and conflicts taught me. They gave me experiences and practices that I currently utilize. They were uncontrollable and if given the option I know I would have opted out of going through them.

But I needed them.

I’ve been on jobs were the supervisor treated me like garbage. I’ve had poor money management habits that had direct impacts on my life. I undervalued friendships and resources that I’ve needed. I had been through some traumatic experiences.

But through them all I grew, learned, and developed. I was taking steps and gaining momentum for the woman I am today. At the time I had no idea why this was my fate.

The moment I stopped and uprooted myself from self-pity I was able to see these aren’t interruptions! This I life! I’ve been given the privilege to have the experiences that gives me these values and develops me daily!

I want all the interruptions because I know that come with wisdom and so much more!

Today, change the place and how you perceive the interruptions and conflicts in your life. Move over a little and see how they are transforming you into the person you’re praying to be!

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