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Morning Pages!

The top of the morning can pack a plethora of thoughts that range widely!! We wake up engulfed in our mind maybe dreaming of something our minds could never sculpt any other time of the day!

We are organizing the tasks for the day trying to squeeze a duty for every moment are eyelids are open. At the top of the morning some of us have thoughts that fuel us to accomplish our greatest fears! Others of us are instantly reminded our failure to moisturize our skin and punched with thought of how itchy we are going to feel for the day.

All of these thoughts can be wonderful! All of these thoughts can lend hope or a funny reminder for us throughout the day. So, I would like to challenge you to STOP!!!

STOP immediately when you wake and be present in the moment where you wake.

A simple exercise coined “Morning Pages” is a technique that can help capture these moments for you. This exercise can be beneficial in a positive production of your day.

Implementing Morning Pages is SUPER simple! It simply requires you to write in the morning EVERY morning! No matter what the thought is you write it down.

Funny? Write it.

A dream? Write it.

Room full of salamanders? Write about them.

A memory of a loved one? Write it.

Let your mind go with no direction as you expound on the very place your mind is. Allow your creative juice to FLOW!!!

Follow these simple steps as you implement Morning Pages into your daily routine!

OH!!! And one of my favorites to do with Morning Pages is to use it as a tool to refer back to when things seem to take an unexpected or undesirable detour in my day! It provides me with an instant distraction and allows for me to regroup and recenter!

So, try it!!!

  1. Pick a morning to start.

    1. Pick out a super cute or fun journal that you can write in. Pick a day that you would like to start and give yourself 10-15 minutes to spend in the morning. Oh, and if you’re like me you want to get the perfect pen to go with your journal!!!

  2. Write.

    1. Don’t think just write!!! No one is going to judge or grade this so there is no need to worry about correct spelling or grammar. If you get stuck close your eyes and think of your five senses and how they are feeling at that moment. And hone don’t feel bad for scribbles in your journal!!

  3. Be patient with yourself.

    1. This is your space so whatever you write is your business. Don’t worry about how it may make someone else feel. After writing and getting it out you may have a new feeling or thought. Secret: I love writing because it allows me to say things to people I would never say out loud. This is where I role play how I plan to engage with the person. So, in my head I said EXACTLY what I wanted and meant without having conflict.

  4. Find a safe place for your Morning Pages.

    1. This is your safe place and sharing these thoughts with others can be unnecessary. They just may not have the capability to grasp onto your thoughts the way you do. So, keep this tucked away for you and ONLY you. Unless you have something you REALLY want to share with someone special.

  5. Treat yourself kind.

    1. There are no consequences for missing a day of writing or if this does not seem to fit you well. If you miss a day start the next day. If you don’t like it try something else. This exercise is to help you start the day off GOODT HONEY!!!

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