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Triggers??? I Thought You Were Calling The Shots???

These experiencing with life can be more than what we EVER imagined of dealing with! They can leave us hurt, abused, scared, just raggedy!!! We are left with the thoughts, feelings, and new reactive behaviors from all the wrong that happened to us.

The face of a stranger can send us into an immediate emotional breakdown!

A news clip on television can put us back on the battlefield of a foreign country.

The smell of a fragrance can remind of us of the many times we cried but our faint voice was ignored.

The coldness of a room can take us back to the last goodbye we shared with a loved one.

Regardless, of the experience we all picked up new behaviors and thoughts that directly impact how we handle similar experiences in our present. But do we allow ourselves to be set off by the uncontrollable in our surrounding? Do we allow a fight-flight-freeze mentality to engulfed our processing and steal our peace?


We identify the trigger or thing that instantly sets us off and we implement healthy behaviors that allow us to take back our peace of minds as we carry on with life.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we forget the experience. We don’t have the capacity to simply delete unwanted material from our mental. However, we are making a conscious and intentional effort to keep the power in our hands through our actions and not be controlled by the uncontrollable in our surrounding.

So, make the decision to change our reaction to theses triggers. Here are some simple steps on how to do so!

  1. Accept: Take you for who you are at the place where you are. Don’t wait to become a perfect version of you before working toward a better you. It’s actually impossible. You will never be a “perfect” you. Start with the version of who you are in this place!

  2. Start: How do you eat an apple? One bite at a time. How do you improve you as a person? One changed behavior at a time! There is no rush to meet all these goals at any specific time. Gradually, you will see the results of your work!

  3. Talk: Get an accountability partner that you can share with. Someone that you can trust and are open to receive feedback from. If the trauma or experience is difficult meeting with a Therapist can be helpful.

  4. Practice: Role play the behavior you would like to see from yourself. Replay your response in your mind and get comfortable with them. Give yourself the opportunity to practice the behaviors you desire to have. Perfect practice makes better!

  5. Listen: Listen to you! Be patient with you as you implement these new behaviors. Take your time with yourself and don’t compromise your own progress by expecting to see change immediately. This is a perfect place to let go of the false belief that you can get rid of an old behavior, implement and execute a new behavior, and see the results of your work overnight. Naw, honey it don’t work like that!!

"Let your body do the unthinkable!"

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