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Run or Stay?? Is Marriage the Way?

Marriage… It’s So DEMANDING!!!

I remember growing up and seeing marriages around me. I would wonder how these people stayed together for so long or what made them attracted to each other. I would see people in marriages fussing and fighting. There would be secrets and lies. It was a cluster of things that I knew I never wanted for myself. And I did just that. I would run from relationships when they seemed to be getting too serious. Or when the person did something I did not like I would run. I made intentional efforts to find flaws in the person or myself to justify why I would not be marrying them.

I had conditioned my mind such that I did not even think about marriage. It was simply “what could I get out of the relationship?”

Life happened and I came up on an old friend from high school. We hadn’t seen each other for 14 years and our lives seemed quite opposite.

Me, a country girl living in my country world with all my country animals and my twin boys.

Him, a city guy living in his city world with all his city ways and his city son.

After seeing each other we continued our conversations and they seemed to increase by the hour. As things progressed between us, we ended up at one of my favorite places and him proposing to me while surrounded by my family and friends! It was beautiful!!!

Now, we’ve been married and learned SO much. So, here are some tips for maintain this Beautiful Monster of a marriage!

1. Talk more and listen less

2. Take time for the relationship

3. Read relationship devotionals

4. Take time apart

5. Be okay with not having everything in common

6. Love your in-laws

7. Be open to change and know that every season of your relationship will require different things from you. So, you will have to be flexible in the relationship

8. Be okay with learning things from your mate/spouse

9. It’s okay to adopt some of their behaviors

10. Remember that they are never doing anything “to you” in an intentional manner


Marriage can be one of the most amazing experiences you ever embark on if you believe and receive EVERYTHING that comes with it!

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